Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lalu on a roll...er!

Pappu Gandhi is in the news again. This time not because of his own antics but because of his father-like politician (politics me mai tera baap hoon), Lalu Yadav, expressing a desire to crush him! No this crushing is not what you think... it's nothing to do with pederastic tendencies. It's a Bihari trait rather, where you crush the opponent using sheer muscle power. Only in this case Lalu wants to use a road roller to do the job. He also was clear that it's the chest of the boy that he wants to roll the roller on. I am guessing that Lalu has started his own construction company and has acquired or is in the process of acquiring some rollers. Someone needs to educate him about the real use of the roller though.

Meanwhile, faced with the EC's wrath, he tried to wriggle out of this one by saying he meant the "roller of law". However, the law in this country is hardly a roller. It's a bamboo stick which has high tensile strength and can be bend in any direction if pressure is applied at the right places. So his argument doesn't hold. All said and done, he has achieved what he wanted to which is some cheap publicity at Pappu's expense. The boy is sitting in jail and eating half-boiled rice cooked in hard water. Hope they (jail managers) are giving him the updates on what his "baap log" are upto outside.

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