Monday, March 16, 2009

Teesra number platform

When the battle lines are drawn and both sides look like winning, Indian politics throws up a "Third Front" to confuse the papaya out of you. This is like the googly in cricket. This time, many of those who cannot see eye-to-eye yet with the two main parties - Congress and BJP - have climbed on to a platform and called it the Teesra number platform. Or for convenience let's call it a "Teesra" similar to the "doosra" in cricket.

So this teesra is a very interesting combination of parties, some with ideologies while some only with ideas and some without both. But they represent the length and breath of India, I should say. The list so far includes Left Front, JD(S), Telugu Desam, Jaya DMK, Maya BSP, Biju Janata Dal, and a few other smaller parties.

Now, how in the hell are these people going to form any working government, we have no clue. If anything they should be like a train which has engines on both sides with the eject pilot buttons in the passengers' hands.

The Congress has called it an "opportunistic alliance" as if they are something different. On their part, they seem to be having a sidey relationship with the SP in UP what with Amar Singh making grunting noises everyday about how close to each other they are but how still apart. The BJP has dubbed the teesra a "Parking Lot" which means the parked vehicles can pull out anytime. Unfortunately for them, it's their partners who have been pulling out though.

The stage is being set slowly for a grand finale and let's wait and watch who will offer the best laughs!

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