Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sanju baba bola chalo Dilli

Every elections the Indian poll scenario gets more interesting, more murkier and more entertaining to those who can see the funny side of things. This blog is about that funnier side. So no offence meant at anyone or anyone's party. Rather all offence meant at those who cannot take a joke. Hey just joking... now don't get serious yaar. Aaaj ka taaja khabar suno aur khush ho jao...

Today taaja khabar is about Sunju baba. Baba bola chalo Dilli and that too from Lucknow the land of Nawabs. He also had a nawabi topi on when he said it and that too red in colour. Now Prakash bhai Karat is certainly not going to be amused at this new guise of our Munnabhai Politician.

Our Bajapa chaps are fuming at all this nautanki in this famous and erstwhile Atal seat. But kya hai na bhai, yeh elecson hai... yahan pe bole tho note phekneka aur tamasha dekhneka... kya!

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