Sunday, March 15, 2009

Promises to keep

Poll promises are not a new thing in Indian elections. In fact all of us are well-versed with election manifestos and how utterly useless documents they are. Now, what is a politician without a promise huh!

And so it has come to pass again that our friends have been making tall promises; as tall as... hmm... let me see... coconut tree? No... too short... ah as tall as Eiffel Tower!

For eg. aspiring Prime Minister Aduvani ji recently released his Party's "IT Vision". He said that if his party (Bajapa) is voted to power, he will make laptops available to all students at Rs 10,000. Hmm... that's nice. Wondering if his son-in-law has taken an agency for Dell or something. As for students they will soon have "mu me Ram, haath me jhaange (laptop)."

Now that's not all. If voted to power, he will also give free mobile phones to people below poverty line! Wah wah Advani...ji... taliyan! So now the poor will have a new slogan: Mobile, Kapda aur makaan. Because his mouth will be so bissi talking on the mobile that he may not need to eat "rotee". He he he...Very clever.


  1. ya the DMK govt in TNadu gave color TVs to forget it..india knows how to handle poverty better than anyone..hey buddy..thanks for passing by my blog..cheers..

  2. buddy tnks 4 d commnt...cheers

  3. and those who cant/or dont want to pay the bills need not worry too. there will be waiver... in time for the next elections ;)