Monday, March 16, 2009

Jaya, Maya aur Mamata

Indian women represent almost half of the total electorate in the country but do we have as many women in politics? Maybe not. But that doesn't mean they are really under represented. That's because some of the women who are out there more than make up for their missing sisters.

Three faces keep flashing in the media always, come sunshine or winter! They are the Jaya, Maya and Mamata of Indian politics; the queens of Indian politics. They straddle the South, North and East of India and give the men there a run for their seats (literally) besides sleepless nights.

All three have distinct styles; Jaya is suave and sweet (well almost!) in her dealings, Maya is crass and chanakya-like, while Mamata is blundering and bombastic. All these are of course great qualities to have in the guttermasti of rajniti.

And trust me, they have a good grip on the politics in their respective states. The qualities attributed to them are probably only a reflection of their "upbringing" in politics. Strangely enough there are funny coincidences. All three of them had men as mentors. All three of them have their own parties. All three of them are single (and looking)... hello koi hai? All three of them are known to be eccentric in their own ways. All three cannot stand each other. That makes it teen tigada, kaam bigada!

Except for Mamata, the other two have been chief ministers and Maya may even become Prime Minister. Probably it requires a woman to be like a man to qualify for the top post! But time will tell if that happens or not. Till then let's enjoi their antics... chal hawa aane de!

PS: Later we will talk about the Empress who lives in Dilli.

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