Thursday, March 26, 2009

Jai ho! and a bottle of rum

One of my friends today forwarded an interesting advert from Kerala (see image). It is probably someone's sense of humour but nevertheless speaks volumes about the culture prevalent in the state today which has the highest consumption of liquor in India.

The ad has a rate card which says:
1. For sticking posters and writing on walls - Rs. 500 + a pint (of booze)
2. For tearing posters and blacking writing out with oil - Rs. 1000 + a full (bottle of booze)
3. To walk around saying that the candidate will win and to praise the candidate (in a group of 3) - Rs. 2500 + 1 litre (of booze)
4. To walk around saying that the rival candidate will lose and to do his/her character assassination (in a group of 5) - Rs. 500 + 2 litres of booze)

Kottayam Lok Sabha Elections Canvassing Workers (thats the name of the organisation/group)

It's a well known fact that all political parties in the state entice youngsters with free booze to do their dirty jobs. Moreover, the liquor mafia has a strangle hold over the government whichever party rules the state. The disease is so rampant now that it's not uncommon to find students in schools having a tipple and then going around shouting slogans. It only shows that awareness does not always help a population to make the right choices in life. Bacchalog, piyo nahi tho Gabbar Singh aa jayega!

Talking of bacchalog, mummy Maneka today came to the rescue of her pappu from Philibit. She of course attacked the Congress and called them murderers (of Sikhs). That may be true but doesn't help pappu does it? Mummy hai ki mamu?

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