Tuesday, March 17, 2009

All is well in Pollywood

Everyday is a new day in politics. Most parties don't know when they wake up in the morning who they will be sleeping with that day or if they are going to end up doing tun tun gopal (to use a Bumbaiya slang!). This "Pollywood" script is written and rewritten everyday... India's own opensource software!

The Congress which was holding hands with Lalu and cootchie cooing all along, got a hard slap yesterday from the Bihari babu who has now offered it only his little finger to hold on. The hand now goes to Ram Vilas Paswan's LJP in Bihar who till yesterday was trying to take Lalu's dhothi off.

Greatly insulted by this unilateral downgrading of their relationship, the Congress refused to take the little finger. Instead it would like to offer a good kick to Lalua and is preparing to do so. In the end, voters will have to decide whom to kick and whom to kiss. Not to forget Mr Nitish Kumar who is still playing "catch me if you can" with BJP.

Talking of BJP, it was Mr Shotgun who hogged the limelight in their camp after being given the ticket to contest from Patna. All his hard lobbying with RSS bandhus has finally worked for him. On the other hand, the party is facing serious internal disturbances due to the Jaitley-Rajnath Singh spat. Probably they should apply POTA on these two and send them to Kashmir!

In Maharashtra the bhai of Indian politics took on the don of Gujarat in a one-to-one verbal duel. Modibhai ridiculed Sharad mama for aspiring to become PM and mama almost called him the butcher of Gujarat in return. How nice to see such pleasantries being exchanged! It is so reassuring that everything is going on well with this elections so far.

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